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At Inner Fire, Outer Light, we believe artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives are an invaluable part of social and environmental change for good — if they can step away from the current exploitative, insecure, and stressful ways of working, and step into sustainable ways of making a living, making a life they enjoy, and making a real difference in the world.

That’s where we come in. We train, coach, support, and facilitate creative change-makers to build creative businesses and organizations with sustainable models that are life-giving to the people who work within them as well as the communities they serve — all while supporting their creative projects and practices. We and our clients share a triple bottom line: income, quality of life, and social impact.

We’ve been doing this work for over a decade and it is built on a lifetime of experience. (In fact, our founder, Leona Morrison, is literally writing the book on it!) During that time, we’ve helped hundreds of creatives build a thriving creative life and livelihood.

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Inner Fire, Outer Light is designed to help:

Releasing Butterflies into the world

Creative & wellness professionals tired of only serving others’ visions

Releasing Butterflies into the world

Overwhelmed, undervalued working artists, writers, musicians, wellness or fitness professionals

Sun (bright, like you!)

Visionary changemakers ready to shine — and make a difference

About Leona

Leona Morrison is the founder of Inner Fire, Outer Light, which helps overwhelmed and undervalued artists, creatives, and wellness professionals to make a living, make a life, and make a difference with their gifts.

Trained in visual art, writing, music, peace and global studies, education, facilitation, creative business and life coaching, Leona has worked as an activist, toured nationally as a folk singer/songwriter, and spent more than a decade as a coach helping people thrive at the intersection of creativity and social good.

In addition to the work of Inner Fire, Outer Light, she runs her family wellness products business, co-runs a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary, and spends as much time as possible writing, walking in nature, petting cats, baking, hanging out and relaxing with her family, friends, and herself.

Photo by Tina Bolling.

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