Grounded At Home Healing Retreat Gift

Creatives, Healers & Changemakers

Longing for a sustainable life and livelihood

that actually aligns with their life,

lifestyle, creative and make-a-difference goals.



Whether they are currently in a job, a freelancer/contractor, or have a business, if they are ready to have:

      • Time for what matters

      • Income they can count on

      • A positive impact on the world

      • A flexible schedule

      • Work they adore

      • Loyal long-lasting relationships with clients & customers

      • Freedom to take vacations

      • A plan to earn and work from anywhere

      • A business model that harnesses their specific gifts and passions

      • The ability to earn what they need whenever they need it

      • Fun using their creativity

Then, the Thriving Changemaker Package is the perfect platform to take their vision and great ideas and turn them into a life of meaning, purpose, income and social change.


The Thriving Changemaker Package Includes:

      1. The Recession-Proof Business Plan 5-Day Challenge

      2. Thriving Changemaker Private Strategic Planning Session (First come, first served, limited slots available).

These are all our gifts to you as a participant in the Grounded At Home Healing Retreat.


Thank you!  I will take the package!


Patricia Morrison is the founder of Inner Fire, Outer Light, where she helps working artists as well as creative, fitness and wellness professionals to make a living, make a life and make a difference with their gifts.  She has helped hundreds of undervalued and overwhelmed entrepreneurs to build businesses that align with their life and professional goals while providing recession-proof income and making a positive difference in the world.


She herself was an activist, teacher and nationally touring singer-songwriter before gaining the skills to help her fellow creatives and change-makers to transform what they love into sustainable and thriving livelihoods.  Since she believes that the world desperately needs the best transformative work of creatives and healers, she is passionate about supporting them in offering that work in a way they can continue sustainably as long as they are led to do so.


During this challenging pandemic time, Patricia is especially grateful for her two recession-proof businesses and committed to sharing her wisdom so others can experience the calm, focus and benefits of this for themselves.

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