Whether your creative work is “just” for fun or whether it is your livelihood, you know that making things, whether that is writing, painting, ceramics, jewelry, theater, cooking, or any other creative act is something that RENEWS your energy, REFRESHES your senses and REFUELS your life.

So, what happens when you just can’t find the oomph, the time, the energy, the ideas, the space, the income, the recognition, the fans, the meaning, the impact or the reasons to create?  What happens, in short, when February hits?

If you know, right now, that you could use a recharge to re-spark and renew your creative life, move projects along, leap over blocks and get yourself going again, click here to register for the Dream To Done Deep Dive Retreat in Tucson on Saturday, March 2nd. We’ve even created a very affordable rate that’s good through this weekend.  Read on for details.

And, read on for ways to loosen up and exercise those creative muscles right now.

5 Ways To Recharge Your Creativity

Blowing Bubbles

5.  PLAY

Especially if you are a professional creative, but also if you are an expert amateur, it is easy to get into a routine with your work.  Regain your sense of play by trying something new, working outside of your medium, looking at it from a new perspective.  In short, be a child.  Do the unexpected, the silly.  Make the beginner’s mistakes.  Regain your naive audacity, as one of my wonderful clients calls it.

We will take time to play together during the Dream To Done Deep Dive Retreat!


If you’ll believe yourself, give yourself permission to create.  If you won’t believe yourself, call someone and have them give you permission.  Some of us know, after hard experience, that we will very nearly go mad (and drive everyone around us crazy) if we don’t create something on a regular basis (at least weekly).  If it’s been more than a week, make something!  If you’re having trouble, do something completely different than “the project” on which you have been working.  If you are a musician, collage a card.  If you are a visual artist, choreograph a dance to a favorite song.  If you are a parent, write an article on a grown-up subject.  It may just refresh you enough to get back to “your” work and, as a bonus, give you a new take on it.

It is so much easier to feel we have permission when we are together!  At the retreat, we will give each other permission, celebration, encouragement and move from crazy to creating together.

Poppies and sun


It’s pretty hard to muster energy for anything if you’re not healthy and winter can be a tricky time for that.  Here are some ways to stay healthy, energetic and inspired to create.

Get outside and soak up the sun.  Also, be sure to take a well-made Vitamin-D supplement, especially all winter.  Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, plant proteins, and whole grains.  And, supplement wisely every day.  Sleep enough (most people need 7-9 hours every single night).  Move your body.  Even a short daily walk can keep you healthy, and your ideas flowing.  Wash your hands with soap and water.  Drink lots of hot tea, water, and other healthy beverages.

We will be practicing these wonderful healthy habits together as well as having lots of fun at the Dream To Done Deep Dive Retreat.

Get Support


Enough toiling in your tower all alone!!  While solo time is invaluable for creative work (and we’ll have plenty of time and space for that at the retreat), having a supportive creative community beyond friends and family is the KEY to keeping going when things get tough, to having folks around who understand you and to getting your work out, increasing your income, fans, recognition and all of that joyfully.  Oh, and it also helps to have mentors who can share strategies for getting through the sticky icky tough times and give you tool to take home and use again and again.  So, come find your community and your mentors in Tucson.  Or, if you can’t make it, click here to claim a chat with me about getting the support you need wherever you are.

A Contract of One's Own


We have arrived at the number one way to recharge your creativity this spring.  It is simple, but not always easy.  Claiming the time and space to do your work can often feel like it’s competing with family, other work, relationships, housework, and more.  But, without that time and space, there won’t be any creative work.  Your voice will be silenced.  Your message will not be heard.  Your vision won’t be seen.  And, perhaps more importantly, your health, relationships, productivity and income will all be negatively impacted.

So, this is important!  Convert a spare bedroom or closet into a creative space.  Get away to a local library or coffeehouse.  Set aside a chunk of time on your calendar every week.  Take regular retreats in which you get out of your space and focus on your work.  Of course, you are encouraged to join us for the Dream To Done Deep Dive Retreat in Tucson, but I fully endorse lots of other retreat options, including solo and self-created ones.  I’ve been building my own retreats for years and there is nothing quite like leaving home, leaving town, and getting time, space and perspective without your family, to-do list and electronic interruptions following you.  I’m happy to recommend my favorite retreat locations if you’d like.

Most of all, remember to create, make, envision, bring to life, and share your gifts, your art, your creativity!  The world needs it and your life will be better for it.

Happy creating!

PS- That lovely rate I mentioned is only $97 for TWO (you and a friend, love, colleague, neighbor), which includes your lunch, snacks, materials, guidance, space, and a bonus evening session.  But, it will go up as of Monday, the 25th, so be sure to register today and claim your spot (because there are limited spaces available).

There is an absolutely stellar group of creatives gathering and I know you’ll want to be among them, soaking up their inspiring, funny, wise, and quirky vibe and sharing yours.  You’ll go home refreshed, renewed, excited, connected, supported, celebrated, focused, and with a whole lot done on a creative project or business.