Obstacles By Any Other Name...

Whatever we call them: life, other people’s needs, limiting beliefs, etc., if you haven’t already built the creative livelihood and or change work and life that you want, there are likely reasons.  Today, we are going to name some of them, so you can begin to move forward.  Ready?  Which of the following resonate for you?  Reply to this email and let me know.

Telling the truth about these is the first step to being able to move through them and create the life, the work and the positive change you envision!


  1. My idea is too vague/ I’m not ready yet.
  2. I’d rather (it’s easier) to just make my art/write/perform.
  3. Marketing/sales/business is icky/wrong/disingenuous.
  4. A creative business will take too much time away from my art.
  5. No one wants what I have to offer.
  6. I don’t have the time/energy/bandwidth to have a creative business or organization.
  7. I’m too disorganized/undisciplined/weird.
  8. I’m tired of going it alone. I want a team, a community, a tribe!
  9. I’m not the right person to do this work.  I don’t know enough people/ earn enough/ have the right skills/ have enough time/ have enough influence/ have the right credentials or background, etc..
  10. I’m plain scared.
  11. I don’t trust myself to follow through, do this right, etc. and I can’t face another failure.
  12. I don’t have the bandwidth/ energy/ health to do anything new right now.
  13. Something else?


It may seem like a small thing to simply name the things getting in your way, but it isn’t.  This courageous act of truth-telling is the first vital step to bringing something new to life.  Stay tuned for when we address how to move through these obstacles and bring your vision to life!  It’s in you for a reason.