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Creative Social Change Funding Strategy

5‑Day Kickstarter

In about 30 minutes each day, you’ll learn and create a real workable strategy to fund your creative social change idea! Plus, there is a bonus next steps workshop built in.

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The Space to Create

5‑Day Challenge

Discover the space, time, and motivation to create every day. In about 30 minutes a day, this challenge offers strategies to help you activate and enjoy your creative work.

Your Secret Mission

Canoe on river with fall trees

So, you’re likely in this community for a simple reason, you have in your heart the desire to do several things:

1.  Create Art, Writing, Music, Performance, Design, Healing Or Other Creative Work AND…

2.  Create Positive Social Or Environmental Change AND…

3.  Create Sustainable Income With And For The Above AND…

4.  Live A Sustainable Healthy Happy Life.


I am in the revision stages for a handbook for creative changemakers, helping them take their ideas and move them forward to sustainable action, creation and funding in the world for long-term work.  In this writing process, I’ve been thinking a lot about you, of course, my beautiful community of creatives with hearts big enough to hold the whole world (and the associated suffering that sometimes comes along with that).  I am here to smooth the path so that the world benefits from your brilliance and you do too.  Let’s begin.


Today, that means considering what I often call your secret mission.  If you didn’t have to explain it to anyone else, what would YOU say you are up to and why does it matter to you?


Here’s an example: I create art that stirs emotion and helps people see what is possible.  This art is used by NGO’s as a part of the environmental movement to publicly challenge the status quo and point the way towards sustainable alternatives that our cities, towns, companies, institutions and government can adopt.  In addition, my art is purchased and my creative work is paid for by those same organizations, institutions, and governments as well as individuals in alignment with my mission.  I enjoy a life of creativity, purpose and healthy balance as a result.


If this were my mission, would I have to know exactly HOW to make this possible in order to have this mission?  NOPE.  Yet, waking up with that mission would direct my activities, make it clear what support I needed and invigorate my efforts.


Your turn.  Write and/or draw your secret personal creative changemaker vision for the next 5 minutes.  Feel like sharing for some validation?  Comment or share in our Creative Sustainable Livelihood Facebook Group.

The Power Of Naming Your Obstacles

Obstacles By Any Other Name...

Whatever we call them: life, other people’s needs, limiting beliefs, etc., if you haven’t already built the creative livelihood and or change work and life that you want, there are likely reasons.  Today, we are going to name some of them, so you can begin to move forward.  Ready?  Which of the following resonate for you?  Reply to this email and let me know.

Telling the truth about these is the first step to being able to move through them and create the life, the work and the positive change you envision!


  1. My idea is too vague/ I’m not ready yet.
  2. I’d rather (it’s easier) to just make my art/write/perform.
  3. Marketing/sales/business is icky/wrong/disingenuous.
  4. A creative business will take too much time away from my art.
  5. No one wants what I have to offer.
  6. I don’t have the time/energy/bandwidth to have a creative business or organization.
  7. I’m too disorganized/undisciplined/weird.
  8. I’m tired of going it alone. I want a team, a community, a tribe!
  9. I’m not the right person to do this work.  I don’t know enough people/ earn enough/ have the right skills/ have enough time/ have enough influence/ have the right credentials or background, etc..
  10. I’m plain scared.
  11. I don’t trust myself to follow through, do this right, etc. and I can’t face another failure.
  12. I don’t have the bandwidth/ energy/ health to do anything new right now.
  13. Something else?


It may seem like a small thing to simply name the things getting in your way, but it isn’t.  This courageous act of truth-telling is the first vital step to bringing something new to life.  Stay tuned for when we address how to move through these obstacles and bring your vision to life!  It’s in you for a reason.



Forest Trail

When the news is full of disaster, war and climate change…

When life is full, even overfull, of tasks and shoulds…

When everyone else’s needs seem more pressing than that tiny inner voice…

When you’re tired, bone tired…

When it’s hard to trust yourself, because of all that history…

When you lack people around you who understand…

When you’ve buried what you want for so long, you’re not even quite sure what it is…

When the thing calling to you seems frivolous and silly or enormous and intimidating…

When you’re not sure how or even if you can bring this vision to life…


You have permission…

Permission to let go of what you cannot change…

Permission to delegate, ditch, hire out and let go…

Permission to pause and listen, really listen to that tiny valid vital inner voice…

Permission to rest, really truly recouperate…

Permission to trust the self you are becoming and to trust those who are trustworthy…

Permission to reach out to people who understand…

Permission to take time to unearth your wanting…

Permission to believe that frivolous and silly things can bring healing and joy and that things that seem enormous and intimidating can be brought to life one manageable step at a time (like learning an instrument or a language or a craft) and that that work is deeply and truly worth it…

Permission to claim your vision without knowing how (or even if) you can bring it to life, trusting that something put that vision in you for a reason and your job now is simply to carry it forward and to ask for help…


And, you are invited…

Invited to discern, envision and begin to trust yourself and your longing…

Invited to join people who, like you, have a creative vision they want to bring to life…

Invited to be fully yourself, even as you discover and rediscover who that is (and it changes)…

Invited to do the work you are best suited for and trust that the world needs it too…

Invited to imagine that this work can also support the life you seek…

Invited to get the right support, so that struggle and longing turn into clarity, action and results…

Thrive in 2019

While there are always challenges and opportunities to grow, let’s take the word “struggle” out of the vocabulary in 2019.  Time to THRIVE creatively, economically, and in quality of life.


What has skilled, hard-working artists, writers, musicians, designers and other creative professionals failing to thrive?  The biggest gap I see over and over again in my work is simply lack of effective planning and support in following through on plans.  While visionary, determined and experienced, it is true that no creatives’ path is exactly like that of any other and so there is no cookie cutter template to follow.  This means that it will save you years, tears and untold thousands of dollars to have guidance and support from a fellow creative who has helped hundreds of people craft their own personalized pathways to:

  • Creative Income
  • Impact & Social Good
  • Quality Of Life
  • Rich Creative Life & Completing Projects

Join Me For:

Thrive Creative Career Planning Retreat

Join us in-person in Ashland or ONLINE from anywhere:

Eventbrite - Thrive! Creative Career Planning Retreat
Here are a few of the things we will cover:

  1. Visioning & Discerning Your Next Level
  2. Mapping Out Several Paths To The Income You Need To Thrive
  3. Discovering & Deciding On How To Grow Your Audience & Impact This Year
  4. Uncovering & Strategizing How To Overcome Obstacles
  5. Building Your Team To Ensure 2019 Is The Year You Thrive


Whether you join us in the room (and enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch, snacks, tea, coffee and more all day) or join us online from your home or office (or a friends’ house), this is a day not to be missed!  Save yourself time, money and heartache and get a plan that works, a plan you can joyfully commit to implementing and go forth with community and confidence into the new year.

Eventbrite - Thrive! Creative Career Planning Retreat

Still have questions?  Email me.  I’m happy to help.

How To Fulfill Your Vision In 2018

Revolutionize HOW you share your creative gifts, skills & work to:

  • Leapfrog over inertia and overwhelm
  • Outwit the nit-picky and negative inner voices
  • End the scattered busyness that seems always to overtake a heartfelt dream
  • FINALLY fulfill the lifetime goal and vision of a creative life AND thriving livelihood.


The Fulfill: Creative Life & Livelihood Planning Retreat is for busy, hardworking creatives: artists, writers, musicians, and other creative professionals ready to build a creative life and livelihood that works for them AND honors their skills and gifts.


During Fulfill, Participants Will Gain:

  • Creative Tools For Those Who Prefer Shoeboxes to Spreadsheets
  • Skill Development Of Inner & Outer Ways To Organize, Complete, Share & Earn From Their Work
  • A Plan They Can Champion & Achieve For The Year
  • Coaching To Overcome Whatever Hurdles Are Getting In The Way

So that they can have 2018 finally be THE YEAR for an integrated and fulfilling creative life and livelihood.



10 AM- 5 PM, Pacific Time

1 PM- 8 PM Eastern Time

With 1 Hour Meal Break

Southern Oregon, near Ashland

OR Virtually Online From Anywhere


  • Follow-Up Fulfill Your Plan Private Coaching Session
  • Recording Of Virtual Retreat
  • Lunch, Snacks and Beverages Included For Local Participants
  • Fulfill Secret Facebook Community To Network & Support Each Other


Patricia 122

Fulfill facilitator and coach, Patricia Morrison, has been working alongside creatives to help them fulfill their dreams, goals and visions for over 6 years.  See what some of her clients have said here.

Learn More & Register

Don’t delay!  This transformative retreat is only $67 through February 1st.  The ticket price will go up thereafter.

Map Your Creative Life & Livelihood Virtual Event

Artists, Writers, Musicians & Other Creative Professionals:

your creativelife & livelihood

Map Your Creative Life & Livelihood

Virtual Event

Saturday, August 26th

10 AM – 3 PM Pacific Time


During This Working Event, You Will:

  • Connect With Your Purpose
  • Make Time For What Matters
  • Discover A Sustainable Creative Income
  • Create A Clear Plan To Build The Life You Seek
  • Receive A Bonus Private Creative Career Jumpstart Session


Register For Only $27 Until Saturday, August 12th

$47 Thereafter

Register Now

The Dual Path: Managing A Creative Practice & A Creative Business/Career

Country Path Summer Forest

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

ATTENTION: Working Artists, Writers, Musicians, Designers, Arts Administrators, Educators & Other Creative Professionals who are:

*Pulled between two competing parts of their life
*Overwhelmed by the to-do lists without the time and energy to FOCUS on any one thing
*Worried about compromising the quality of their work
*Starving their artistic practice or their creative business/career
*Longing for time for family, rest, recreation and self-care
*Feeling like they made a devil’s bargain in giving up so much in order to live a creative life
*Underenjoying their life
Join us to gain and employ:

*Strategies For Living A Balanced, Creative & Rewarding Life
*Their Personal Plan For An Integrated Dual Path Life
*Prioritizing Tools That Allow Them To Focus
*Zeroing In On The Most Effective Income That Will Complement Their Artistic Practice & The Overall Life They Seek
*Insight Into Valuing BOTH Their Creative Practice (so it doesn’t get booked over, ignored or take over like a petulant child) AND Their Creative Business/Career

*A 1-on-1 Jumpstart Session with Patricia after the workshop


This intimate roundtable of fellow motivated creative professionals and creative livelihood strategist, Patricia Morrison, is the perfect space in which to flesh out the dual life that feels relaxed, integrated, fun and right for you.

Saturday, May 6th

Denver, CO

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

11:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Lunch Included

Register By April 22nd For The Early-Bird Rate Of $37.

Register Now


The Business Of Art: Growing Into An Artist’s Life

Grow Into An Artist's Life

Sunday, April 30th

Noon- 5 PM

Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton St, Ridgway, Colorado

Hosted by Weehawken Creative Arts (and others)


Artists, Writers, Musicians & Other Creative Professionals:

Discover work/life balance that leads to more successful use of time and creativity.

This workshop will include how to:

  • Connect with your bigger artistic and life purpose
  • Make time for what matters & become a prioritizing pro
  • Create a clear plan so you know exactly what to do next
  • Get to know & find your true fans and perfect clients
  • Discover a sustainable income from your creative gifts
  • A bonus private Creative Career Jumpstart Session with Patricia for each participant after the workshop.


Tuition is $50. 

Click here to register

Click here to RSVP and SHARE with Friends on Facebook.

Ditching The Starving Artist & Other Stories That No Longer Serve You: How To Build A Business With Your Creative Gifts

Book into butterflies and flowers

Saturday, April 22nd

10:30 AM- 1:30 PM (10:15 AM Check-In)

Medford, Oregon

Hosted by the SOU Small Business Development Center

Learn More & Register


Artists, writers and musicians are often full of powerful visions and ideas. Knowing how to consistently bring those to fruition in a way that creates sustainable income as well as does good is a combination of changing the stories they believe and tell themselves as well as a set of practical learn-able skills and tools.


Come ditch the stories that are holding you back and create an actionable plan to turn your creative gifts and vision into a viable business so you can earn what you need, serve those who resonate with your work, and make a difference with your gifts.


Only $30 When You Register Early.  $50 thereafter.  Learn more & register here.

RSVP and SHARE with Friends On Facebook Here.

What Clients Are Saying…

Mary Mayer – Graphic Designer, Photographer, Founder of Breakthrough Change (TM)

"My mentor-ship with Patricia has reinforced the value of my own creative nature and has enhanced the ways in which...
Inner Fire Outer Light
"My mentor-ship with Patricia has reinforced the value of my own creative nature and has enhanced the ways in which I allow that creative spirit to find a voice or form of creative expression. I have been reminded in so many ways of the value of staying connected to a supportive and creative community."

Marnie Ward – Performing Artist, Pageant Coach, Voice Trainer

After getting gigs at 4x their previous rate, Marnie said, “Can I tell you how gratifying that is? Wow. Just...
Inner Fire Outer Light
After getting gigs at 4x their previous rate, Marnie said, “Can I tell you how gratifying that is? Wow. Just had to share this monumental shift in my body – the gratification of asking what you are truly worth!"

Janet Scott – Writer, Photographer, Musician

“The Inner Fire, Outer Light program was a breath of fresh air in my over-booked life. I found Patricia to...
Inner Fire Outer Light
“The Inner Fire, Outer Light program was a breath of fresh air in my over-booked life. I found Patricia to be a skilled, creative, and thoughtful facilitator. She is extremely supportive and encouraging..."

Betsy Blake Bennett – Writer, Spirtual Director

“Wow! Wow!…That’s where I was going…without knowing it. Patricia has a real gift! I’m amazed at how she can help...
Inner Fire Outer Light
“Wow! Wow!…That’s where I was going…without knowing it. Patricia has a real gift! I’m amazed at how she can help hatch an idea. She listens so well and then suggests exciting new possibilities I hadn’t seen.”

Anna – Filmmaker, Writer, Musician

completely changed my life
Inner Fire Outer Light
completely changed my life
Inner Fire Outer Light