While there are always challenges and opportunities to grow, let’s take the word “struggle” out of the vocabulary in 2019.  Time to THRIVE creatively, economically, and in quality of life.


What has skilled, hard-working artists, writers, musicians, designers and other creative professionals failing to thrive?  The biggest gap I see over and over again in my work is simply lack of effective planning and support in following through on plans.  While visionary, determined and experienced, it is true that no creatives’ path is exactly like that of any other and so there is no cookie cutter template to follow.  This means that it will save you years, tears and untold thousands of dollars to have guidance and support from a fellow creative who has helped hundreds of people craft their own personalized pathways to:

  • Creative Income
  • Impact & Social Good
  • Quality Of Life
  • Rich Creative Life & Completing Projects

Join Me For:

Thrive Creative Career Planning Retreat

Join us in-person in Ashland or ONLINE from anywhere:

Eventbrite - Thrive! Creative Career Planning Retreat
Here are a few of the things we will cover:

  1. Visioning & Discerning Your Next Level
  2. Mapping Out Several Paths To The Income You Need To Thrive
  3. Discovering & Deciding On How To Grow Your Audience & Impact This Year
  4. Uncovering & Strategizing How To Overcome Obstacles
  5. Building Your Team To Ensure 2019 Is The Year You Thrive


Whether you join us in the room (and enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch, snacks, tea, coffee and more all day) or join us online from your home or office (or a friends’ house), this is a day not to be missed!  Save yourself time, money and heartache and get a plan that works, a plan you can joyfully commit to implementing and go forth with community and confidence into the new year.

Eventbrite - Thrive! Creative Career Planning Retreat

Still have questions?  Email me.  I’m happy to help.