I’m so excited to officially announce and invite you to join us at:

Take Your Talent To The Bank:
From Starving Artist To Creative Rock Star
A [FREE] Virtual Conference
January 8th- 11th, 2013

Ready to escape the starving artist mentality (and reality) and get the recognition, fans, and income you deserve?  Thinking about making the leap from hobby to sharing your gifts in a bigger way?

Never fear having to “get a job” again!

Learn from NINE successful creatives (in all different areas of creativity) who have been where you are now and used their creativity to pull ahead of their peers to earn what they deserve, develop a loyal fanbase, plus get recognized as professionals. They will share their struggles, their secrets and their strategies with you!

Besides me, you’ll hear from:

An internationally touring performer, playwright, screenwriter & more

Patty Hankins Cover_small
A best-selling author & photographer

Can't Sleep Without Sheep_small
An acclaimed children’s picture book author of nearly a dozen books

A top 5% earning actor with NY & LA careers

Melissa McFarlane
A multi-6-figure creative business coach & actor

A celebrated visionary fiber artist and painter, author, editor & more

One of the most sought after Marilyn Tribute artists in the world today


You are talented.  You’ve likely spent years in school and out honing your skills and developing your vision and voice.  So, why do you still have to work three jobs (or a mind-numbing corporate job) to make ends meet?

Where is the recognition, the income, and the sense of joy you expected?  Perhaps you haven’t yet taken the leap to try to earn income from your creative work, because everyone around you tells you it’s crazy, unrealistic and impossible.  Maybe you have and you’re starting to wonder if they were all right.

Are the inner gremlins gaining power?  You know the ones that tell you that it’s just that YOU aren’t good enough, talented enough, hard-working enough?  Are they keeping you from finishing your projects and sharing them with the world?  Have they got you applying to work in soul-sucking jobs, even though you swore you’d never go back?

I have been there and felt ALL of these things.  I worked in nonprofits, as a classroom teacher, and teaching creative skills independently.  Doing “what I should” exhausted me, literally made me sick, and destroyed my ability to have healthy relationships, because I was tired, bitter, resentful, and jealous of others.  I’ve worked SIX different jobs all at once, just to avoid “getting a job” and to continue doing my creative work.  I had never made above $30,000 and most years it was a lot less.  I got to be an expert at living (happily enough, I thought) on very little, scrimping, and finding a way to do things free or cheap.  Sound familiar?

All that changed when I made the leap to honor my creativity and believe in my abilities.  I began to treat my creative work as a business and got the mentoring I needed to learn how to run a business, built a creative community, and found a way to combine my talents, skills and loves.  Now, I’m in love (and engaged), have rich, rewarding friendships and relationships with family, have a thriving and fun creative business (and no boss!), am healthy, have produced two full-length albums with another in progress, and have toured nationally numerous times.

In short, life is good, really good and full of things that, just a few years ago, I thought I would NEVER be able to have.  Things like financial security, professional recognition, the most rewarding and energizing work I’ve ever done, plenty of time and energy for personal creative projects, love, family and stability.

And now, I help other creatives like you to do the same.


This is what we need more of for brilliant creatives like YOU!  That is why I am so excited to be hosting NINE creatives from visual, performing, writing and more creative areas who have soared over their peers and taken their talents to the bank!  They are generous, funny, brilliant (just like you), and willing to share what works and what doesn’t, the HOW of their journeys so you, too, can go from starving artist to creative rock star!

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All it takes is taking the time to learn from all these creatives who have already succeeded and are generously sharing what they’ve learned, so you, too, can move your creative dreams to done, and gain the money, meaning, and recognition you’ve worked so hard for all these years.  Take this small step towards a new life.

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