What is it that you want to create?  A book?  A garden?  A quilt?  A play?  An art show?  An album?  An installation?  A website?  A business?  A movie?  Something else?

How long has this idea been alive and growing in the womb of your mind?  How many friends know about this dream?  How many times have you decided to give it up?

Whether it is a brand-new seed of an idea or a “mostly-done” embryo waiting for its day in the light, welcome to the challenges of birthing a creative project into the world! 

Guess what?  You’re not alone!  Read on for a video AND a free virtual workshop to help you bring that gorgeous vision to life!

WHY Your Creative Project Deserves To Be Born

If you are a professional creative, it may seem pretty obvious why you need another album, book or show to keep your career moving along, but you may still be struggling to get it done. 

While, if your project is “only” of personal or business importance, it might be awfully tempting to let it slide to the bottom of your to-do list day after day even though you know it could make all the difference to your life’s purpose and meaning, to your business success, and/or to the difference you are being called to make in the world.

Need a loving kick in the pants?  Click on my funny face or here to watch a 7-minute video I made explaining why (and a tad bit of how) your creative project deserves to be born!

If you’ve watched the video, you might be ready to admit that this project is powerful and important.  In fact, it could make ALL the difference in your work and life.

So, why is it so hard to finish?

  • The Key Mindset Problems that are Keeping Your Project Stuck in the Womb
  • Behaviors that Prevent You from Sharing Your Gifts with the World

Then, get ready to move that dream forward!  You’ll discover:

  • The 4 Essential Elements and Stages To Finishing Your Creative Project
  • How to Overcome The Mindset & Behavior Habits that are Holding You Back
  • How to Fit Your Project Into Your Already Busy Life & Limited Budget

And, perhaps even more importantly, you will meet your tribe!  You are not alone!

Join us on Wednesday, June 19th for this (free) virtual workshop, “Bringing Your Best Brilliant Ideas To Life”!

Click here to register.  And, go ahead and invite your friends to join us. 

My passion is allowing your stories, your visions, your ideas to take flight and this workshop is the first step in that process.  So, join us!

PS- Even if you can’t join us live on Wednesday, June 19th for the free virtual workshop, “Bringing Your Best Brilliant Ideas To Reality”, you’ll want to go ahead and register so you get access to the recording and all the juicy materials your project needs to finally leap off the page and into the world, OK?