If you are ready to leap over creative blocks in a single bound and get more done than you thought possible on a creative project that your haven’t started, that has gotten stalled, or is simply progressing too slowly, put Saturday, October 27th on your calendar and make plans to join us in Denver, Colorado for Dream To Done In A Day: powerful, playful and perfect for your busy life!

You know that project you haven’t quite started (for 10 years) or that project that’s stalled, or even that project that’s creeping along, but you NEED to finish?  Bring it, along with your superhero cape, and we’ll get you flying forward!

Time to register, right?  Click here to begin the registration process (payment comes in a subsequent email message).  Then, pick up the phone and invite a few friends.  You can BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE or split the cost with them to attend.  That’s two inspired superheros for the price of one!

Get ready to pack your superhero cape and fly forward to the land of your creative dreams!

Have more questions?  Send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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