Whether you are an artist acting out in your life, because you won’t pay attention to your inner creativity or a business owner who has a book, CD, DVD, program or other project that would lift you into the speaking circuit or true business success, Dream to Done closes the gap between a good idea and a completed project that carries your gifts into the world and brings back real rewards.

  • What is the dream project/great idea you’ve had for months or years, but not yet finished?
  • Is it a creative project like a book, CD, DVD, website, performance, or program?
  • Would finishing this project make an enormous positive difference for you personally and/or financially?
  • Could it support all your other business goals, personal goals and/or organizational goals if only you could find a way to get it done?
  • Are you primarily responsible for it, without the staff and support to make it happen?
  • Does it always seem to get pushed to the back burner or fall off the bottom of your to-do list, even though you know it could make all the difference?
  • What if you could leap over the gap between your brilliant idea to a completed project that would share your gifts and voice with the world while growing your business, boosting your credibility, helping others and bringing you a ton of satisfaction?
  • What if you could take that dream and declare it done?
  • What if completing your dream became a gateway to a quantum leap shift and a lifetime of achievement?

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