Space to Create 5-day Challenge

Explore, design and create the space and time to make your creative work consistently, in just 5 days, by spending 30 minutes per day. Claim that for yourself, your work, and those you care about. 

Join the Space to Create 5-Day Challenge



During this fun & easy 5-day challenge, you will:


  • Explore how much and what kind of time and space you actually need to consistently create

  • Uncover hidden obstacles & learn strategies to work around them

  • Discover simple ways and tools to reclaim time for your creative practice

  • Begin habits that honor, protect & nurture your creative process

  • Design & create (the plan for) the perfect space in which to do your work

  • Have mentors and colleagues cheering you on, and helping you succeed

  • Be able to notice improvements by spending only 15-30 minutes per day



You Will Receive:

  • Daily Short Videos Packed With Learning & Action Steps, Each Day for 5 Days

  • Daily Emails To Encourage Your Action Steps & Spur You On

  • A Private Online Forum Of Colleagues In Which To Share, Ask Questions, & Gain Accountability & Support Each Other

  • A Bonus Recorded Q&A Call

  • A Private Coaching Session To Ensure Your Long-Term Success

I look forward to supporting you to creating space for your creativity and enjoy life more during this 5-day challenge and beyond!

With care,


PS- As a bonus, you will become a part of Inner Fire Outer Light’s community, receiving insights, education, and time-saving strategies to help you continue your creative practice or business. Don’t worry. We hate spam, too and never share your information.