Lanterns & Spring Flowers

It has turned to a wildly flowering spring here in Southern Oregon. At the same time, some very dear people in my universe have passed on.


Taken together, these events are a reminder of why we are here and inspire me to follow the example of the spring flowers.


Bloom Now!


What if you bloomed like crazy now, before you’re certain you have it figured out, before it is perfect, before you have the credentials, time, money?


What if you were forsythia and cherry?


What if you shared and sold and valued the gifts you have, your passions, your art now, in the springtime, without worrying about what summer and fall will bring?


Because, sometimes there is an early frost and we don’t get the luxury of bearing full fruit. Wouldn’t it be better to be remembered for your flowers than to pass away without any glimpse of your true beauty reaching the world?


“The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short”
-Gretchen Rubin


So, don’t delay in getting started.  Another thing to remember is that, while people often overestimate what can be done in a short time, they also underestimate what can be done over a long time. This is the power of beginning and spending some time each day, week, or month on a project.


Everyday people have amassed fortunes, art collections, bodies of artwork, gorgeous gardens, cookbooks full of recipes, albums of photographs, basements full of canned goods, thousands of songs, and other kinds of wealth, simply by building it and working on it a little at a time.


What do you want to create?


Start now and set aside time each day, week, or month for the next year.


Let me know how it goes!


Please share this with a friend who might be stuck in tight bud stage and needs a nudge to open up and bloom!


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