I Am An Artist

You already have the key to creative success!


Remember when you were a child, or a young adult, or even a mature adult, that moment in which you declared, decided, and announced that you ARE an artist?


You might have said it differently. You might have said, writer, actor, painter, poet, singer, chef, healer, or something else, but the key is that you declared it to yourself and to the world, quite likely BEFORE you had incontrovertable proof to offer that world.


Your were brave and bold and audacious.


And, you never looked back.


That doesn’t mean you never had doubts. We all have doubts, even after incredible, incontrovertable success, about our abilities, or our direction, our genre of expression or a particular project. But, it’s likely you’ve never once considered giving up your creativity, not really. And, you’ve never truly lost your faith that your creativity will be there for you, that it is enough to carry you through. You might have feared that it would go away, you may have had moments of despair that it was dissappearing, but you’ve never totally lost the belief in its presence and sufficiency, despite everything.


Oh sure, you may have taken a full-time job doing something else, raised kids, subverted your creative dreams for yourself or others, but deep down, you’ve never let go of that identity, of your core belief in yourself as an artist, right?


I want you to pause and realize how absolutely amazing that is! Seriously. Everyone else waits until they have a degree or a job or some kind of outward stamp of approval before they claim their vocational identity. It’s true. Ever seen a child declare that they are a doctor? Not that they want to be a doctor or will be a doctor, but that they are, already, deep inside, a doctor? Doesn’t happen.


You are amazing!


OK, soaked that one in?


Now, here’s the thing. This very act, this declaration and faith and life of following through to make good on that promise to yourself.


This is your greatest and most unusual strength.


It is the key to:


  • having enough income
  • building the fanbase you need and want
  • gaining the recognition that will make it all worthwhile
  • making the impact in the world you long to make.


And, you’ve had this key since you were young, hanging in a locket around your heart of hearts.



“Well, that’s just dandy,” you may be thinking. “If I’ve had that key all along, why don’t I have those things in abundance in my life already?”


Think about keys for a minute. Have you ever, when you’ve been doing some deep cleaning, come across and old key and wondered what the heck it opens?


Having the key isn’t everything, but it is a great start!


Knowing what it unlocks is the next step. See that list above? That is just the beginning of what this key can unlock in your life.


What is it you need to unlock?


Then, finding the doors and using it to unlock them, open them, and walk through to that fulfilled life of creative success.


This the part we do together. Through my programs, retreats, and workshops, I remind you of what’s on your keychain, help you choose what you need to unlock and create a path to get to those doors, plus the courage to open them and walk through once you get there.


If you’re already working with me, be sure to engage fully, so we can do as much of this for you as you are ready for right now.


If you aren’t, I would invite you to open the locket, give yourself some love for having such a powerful key and get the support you need to unlock what your life needs so your gifts can shine brightly and sustainably for a world in need of your light!